Beverly Brooks


Peralta College

WiCyS SV Board Member. Ask her about her role on the Board! 


Born in Oakland CA, attended McClymond's High School where my interest in technology was formed. I did not take the normal rout in my educational pursuit. I first tested out the employment market and went into banking, where I toured as teller for short stent, then went into branch management training and pursued that as a career. I worked in various branches throughout the bay area, training supervisors and a like. After twelve years of banking, it just did not satisfy me any longer. 

Fast forward, I pursued and obtained a BA degree in computer science and went to work for several IT departments, such as ATT, Kaiser Permanent, AAA, McKesson and a few other fortunes 100 companies. During my employment I was attending college to obtain my master's degree in computer science. With two degrees in hand, I was able to launch a career as a Professor teaching cyber security

Why did you get into cybersecurity?

I got into cyber security through my network background, to Secure networks from outside threats and non- authorized users. 

What cybersecurity issue is monopolizing most of your time or are you most concerned about?

Being that I am in education and not on the corporate side of cyber security, my struggle is a bit different. I usually task myself with trying to get the new tools of cyber security, that is current in the industry to date. 

Beverly's Cybersecurity Tip

When creating new software always build in security stop gaps as a part of your program.