Lily Lee

Staff Security Specialist


WiCyS SV Board Member. Ask her about her role on the Board! 



Lily Lee is a Security Specialist at Splunk. She works with organizations to operationalize their IT and security data sources to gain insight and mitigate threats. Lily is focused on training and enabling global security teams through workshops and adversary simulation and helping them drive greater situational awareness of their organization. She believes that to best defend against global security threats, organizations need defenders who represent the diverse world that we live in. Every business will benefit by bringing more people to the table with varying skills, backgrounds, leadership, and views to combat the diverse adversaries out there. Lily is also a board member of EDGE Youth Leadership, which develops leadership potential, cultivates communication skills, and inspires community responsibility in high school sophomores.

Why did you get into cybersecurity?

I was drawn to the security use cases, the people, the jargon, the roles, and functions, and wanted to help solve interesting cybersecurity problems. 

What cybersecurity issue is monopolizing most of your time or are you most concerned about?

Lack of collaboration across application, infrastructure, and cybersecurity teams from the start creating a disjointed ecosystem of tools and processes.

Lily's Cybersecurity Tip

Cybersecurity is everyone's business. Teach and share your knowledge with others. For example, I share best practices that I've picked up in daily conversation and also the latest trends and threats with my entire family (kids and relatives included). I make sure to explain the concepts in such a way that they're relatable and relevant to the respective age group.