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WiCyS Silicon Valley x Cyversity @ Google:
Tuesday, July 11th 

An in-person discussion on generative AI and the impact of related technologies on privacy & diversity.

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WiCyS Silicon Valley x Pacific Hacker
Summer CTF Camp

Saturday, July 8th  
Join us at the end of June for a fun CTF challenge followed by delicious BBQ afterwards! We're looking forward to connecting with you all in person soon!
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🔒 Join us as we host Dr. Thomas Lee, PhD Lee to discuss the role of certifications and staffing in forecasting data breaches! 🔒

Data breaches are not random incidents. In an upcoming session, Dr. Thomas Lee, CEO of VivoSecurity, will shed light on an often overlooked aspect of data breach prediction: insufficient staffing. Building upon his work in forecasting fraud among business customers, Dr. Lee discovered that audit staff, not just IT staff, play a crucial role in preventing data breaches.

During this session, you'll gain insights into accurately forecasting cybersecurity data breaches based on number of employees and their specific certifications related to cybersecurity. Dr. Lee will showcase how this approach can help organizations establish risk appetite goals in terms of expected breach frequency, enabling them to right-size their cybersecurity teams accordingly.

About the speaker:

Dr. Thomas Lee, PhD Lee is an esteemed expert in the field of cybersecurity and the CEO of VivoSecurity. His Silicon Valley-based company leverages data collection, regression modeling, and AI to bring predictability to the seemingly random nature of data breaches. With extensive experience in developing models for forecasting fraud, PII data breaches, lawsuits and costs associated with breaches, and shareholder lawsuits for public companies, Dr. Lee is a leading authority in the cybersecurity landscape.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Dr. Thomas Lee, PhD Lee and enhance your organization's approach to data breach prevention!

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023
Women in Cybersecurity Networking Event / Fireside Chat @ illumio in Sunnyvale

September, 2023
Virtual Technical Workshop by Panther

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