Swathi Joshi

Engineering Manager, Detection and Response




Swathi Joshi is a Engineering Manager, Detection and Response at Netflix where she leads the detection engineering, incident response and threat intelligence functions. Previously she worked at Mandiant/FireEye as an Engagement Manager and as an Escalations manager, managing and solving most critical technical efficiency and detection efficacy related customer problems. Previous to that she held a variety of roles as Associate Director of Information Security, Security Engineer and Security Analyst. 

Why did you get into cybersecurity?

After getting my Computer Science Degree, I worked as a Java Developer and was looking to pick a specialization for my master's degree. Right around that time my code went thru a round of static code and dynamic code analysis. I got interested and the discipline was on the upswing. I decided to pursue my Masters in Information Security and Assurance and started doing security work. 

More about Swathi's work.

My work is dual in nature- proactive and reactive. As an incident commander I handle incidents that come up and when I am not doing that I work on incident readiness and preparedness.

Swathi's Cybersecurity Tip

Don't reuse passwords. I constantly forget my passwords (I use a password manager but it's not always up to date with all the passwords) I just reset my password every time vs reusing or writing it down.