Rekha Bachwani

Senior ML Engineer, Customer Trust




Rekha is a Security Engineer at Netflix with expertise in security, machine learning and distributed systems. Her forte is combining system analysis with machine learning to develop innovative security solutions. Before joining Netflix, she was a Research Scientist at Intel Labs working on Security Analytics and Adversarial Machine learning. She has a PhD in Computer Science from Rutgers University.

Why did you get into cybersecurity?

I was a kernel developer and a data enthusiast, and malicious activity was almost always considered too hard to deal with or out of scope. However, this changed when I got an opportunity to do system-level hacking as part of an internship. Since then I have enjoyed building data and learning based security solutions to combat malware, fraud and abuse.

More about Rekha's work.

I work at the intersection of security, data science and software systems. In particular, I apply data science to detect, prevent and mitigate enterprise risk and improve user experience.

Rekha's Cybersecurity Tip

Do not reuse passwords and eyeball your account activity every once in a while.