Kristin Del Rosso

Security Intelligence Engineer


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Kristin Del Rosso is a security researcher with a primary focus on reverse engineering Android applications. She works with her team to uncover new mobile threats, track actors and targets, and provide accurate research and reporting on these issues. She recently spoke at BlackHat EU and NSEC on state-sponsored malware campaigns, but before moving into cyber security, she studied history, politics, and foreign languages. Having a non-technical background in a technical role inspired her to promote under-represented skillsets and individuals in cyber security, and she now volunteers with Day of Shecurity, an organization aimed at tackling the gender diversity issue in cyber security, to bring a variety of backgrounds into the industry.

More about Kristin's work.

I hunt for nationstate surveillanceware, and reverse engineer malicious mobile applications. I map out attacker infrastructure to better understand the actors and motives behind these threats.

What cybersecurity issue is monopolizing most of your time or are you most concerned about?

I’m concerned with the next generation not having privacy, or not knowing a world where there’s a concept of privacy. I know too many people making Instagram accounts for their infants, or posting too much personal information online. People hardly respect the privacy of others when posting pictures or information, don’t read T&Cs - there’s a lack of personal boundaries and most people don’t seem to understand the value and importance of privacy, especially in this digital age.

Kristin's Cybersecurity Tip

Don’t install applications from untrusted sources and review the permissions apps request; also keep your OS and apps updated, and device locked when not in use! Most people never let their phone leave their side, and rightfully so. Your phone contains such valuable information - passwords, messages, photos, GPS location, and more. Mobile phishing is on the rise, and very successful, so if you're ever suspicious of a link you've received on your phone, you can preview the actual URL it directs to by tapping and holding it until a pop-up box with the full link appears.