Nafia Chowdhury

Data and Policy Analyst

Acumen, LLC. 

WiCyS SV Board Member. Ask her about her role on the Board! 



I am a recent graduate from Stanford University.  I completed my B.A. in Economics and M.A. in cybersecurity policy. I first fell in love with cybersecurity from her computer science course in cryptography two years ago. Since then I have attacked challenges in cybersecurity both through the lens of computer science as well as public policy. I have built a password manager, trained in hacking and conducted academic research on the legal and geopolitical implications of hackback, going dark, and spywares.

Why did you get into cybersecurity?

I have always been passionate about learning and staying curious at all times. Cybersecurity spans some of the most complex questions, answering which demands a lot of creativity, curiosity and constant learning outside of your domain to keep up with the bad guys. The incredible opportunity for learning and impact drew me towards cybersecurity.

What cybersecurity issue is monopolizing most of your time or are you most concerned about?

Election integrity, disinformation and private sector's negligence towards security and privacy. 

Nafia's Cybersecurity Tip

Use a password manager! Reusing passwords not only puts you at risk but also puts a lot more people's data at risk than you can imagine.