JANE odero greene

Security Risk Assessment Lead




Jane Odero Greene is a security risk assessment lead at FACEBOOK where her responsibilities include risk assessment program planning and performing security risk assessments to identify, track and remediate risks. Prior to that, Jane worked at Intel Corporation as an information security specialist focused on cloud security. In 2015 Jane was recognized as BEYA’s Most Promising Engineer in Industry. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering. When Jane is not busy with her work she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and volunteering.

Why did you get into cybersecurity?

My unplanned transition into cybersecurity occurred when I accepted a role at my then-company to establish system and subsystem security requirements for an ongoing project.

What cybersecurity issue is monopolizing most of your time or are you most concerned about?

I am most concerned about people’s habit of exposing information on the web that attackers can use open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques against to piece together their sensitive information for use in subsequent cyberattack steps. On the other had I appreciate OSINT when used to identify and track down the “bad guys”.

Jane's Cybersecurity Tip

If you are ever a ransomware victim where an attacker encrypts and holds your sensitive files for ransom, typically cryptocurrency, never pay the ransom. When you pay out you become an attractive future victim. Contact the authorities instead.