Apoorva Joshi

Senior Research Scientist

FireEye, Inc.

WiCyS SV Board Member. Ask her about her role on the Board! 



Apoorva Joshi is currently a Senior Research Scientist on the Cloud Detection Services team at FireEye Inc. With a research background and expertise in Machine Learning, Text Mining and Natural Language Processing, Apoorva helps build, mature, and integrate machine learning models and data analytics to uncover threats in customer networks and systems at FireEye. 

Why did you get into cybersecurity?

I love how dynamic the field is. There's never a dull moment at work and there's always new and very real problems to solve.

More about Apoorva's work.

I am a Senior Research Scientist at FireEye Inc. My research is focused on building and integrating machine learning models and analytics to uncover threats in customer networks and systems. 

Apoovra's Cybersecurity Tip

Never use the same password across multiple important accounts like your email, online banking account etc.