Alexis Culp

Director of Engineering

Apollo Information Systems Corp

WiCyS SV Board Member. Ask her about her role on the Board! 



Alexis Culp joined WiCyS in 2019 is the Director of Engineering at Apollo Information Systems Corp., a California value advisory reseller. Before joining Apollo, she held several roles at both FireEye an intelligence-led cybersecurity company and Websense (now Forcepoint) a content security and DLP company. She holds a computer science degree with honors from the University of California Santa Cruz. She believes an organization of any size can have a defensible network if they invest in 3 important components being a reliable technology stack, relevant threat intel and people with a passion for what they do.

Why did you get into cybersecurity?

I was born with a keen ability to troubleshoot and break fix. I applied that ability in technical support in email security for 5 years. I really enjoyed working around unwanted inbound threats. Combine that with a computer science degree and a desire to do something good in this world...and cybersecurity becomes a natural career path.

More about Alexis' work.

I lead the engineering division at Apollo.  My core responsibility is ensuring that our customers understand the value and differences of technologies & services in cybersecurity.  

Alexis' Cybersecurity Tip

Adhering to basic best practices like asset management and patch management can make a big impact on your overall risk exposure.